Dark teas (Pu Er)

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Pu-erh tea, in traditional cakes of 357g

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Gong Fu Cha
Type of tea Sombre

A Shu Bing (Ripe cake) made with 2007 leaves compressed in 2009 and coming from the terroir of Menghai, in the Xishuangbanna region. After six years of riping, this tea delivers a dark red liquor, and notes of tropical undergrowth.  To brew at 95°C for 4-5 min.

Shu Pu Er 

also called "ripe", the Shu Pu Er is an "artificially" post-fermented tea, whose manufacturing process is relatively recent, dating from the mid Twentieth century. The process consists in letting the Pu-erh leaves ripe quickly (in about 6 to 8 weeks). The leaves are still green at the beginning of the process, and later become completely oxidized, very dark, almost black. The leaves, piled in heaps of the size of a man, are stirred and humidified every day. The aim is to accelerate the slow and natural process of the raw Pu-erh (which needs several years), in order to obtain a product that can be put quickly on the market. Sold in cakes, nests, bricks, loose leaves... the Shu Pu Er develops notes of humid soil, of undergrowth, sometimes even animal notes, and can have sweet final notes. The liquor is very dark, black.

 Tea and health

Pu-erh, oxidized and fermented teas, have long been an essential of Chinese traditional medicine and for the minorities and nomadic populations living in distant areas or in the borders of China. These populations were mostly eating very fat dried meat and butter, to help the body resist the cold, altitude and the lack of fruits and vegetables. Pu-erh teas helped them regulate their diet by fighting against the accumulation of fat. Western researchers also admit now the qualities of Chinese dark Pu-erh teas, their depurative properties, they capacity to balance the organism, help digestion and eliminate bad cholesterol.